Wednesday, February 18, 2015

[Scenario] The Social One

Title: The Social One
Genre: Parody, Drama, Friendship
Summary: Bella was an indigo since her born, that fact make she always got disturb by ghost everyday. The only way to make that ghosts won’t disturb her again is to share the happiness with the other. But, how can Bella do that?

Bella as Indigo Girl
Ridjwan as Paranormal
Sholeh, Siti, Renanda as Ghosts
Yuniar as Teacher/ Picket Officer
Ichsan as Mega Entertainment’s Owner, also as Fenomenal Mucisian
Norma as Ichsan’s Daughter
Reza as Music Producer
Cahyo as Reza’s Nephew
Helmi as Song Writer
Raynanda, Cheppy, Anisa, Peri, Giant as Group Music
Sifa as Manager
Andeya, Nadia, Rika, Tri Agung, Vincent as Athletes
Devina, Rizky as Singers
Elfata as Bella’s Mother, ghost
Syahida as Bella’s Father, ghost
Other Students as Themselves



@Bella’s house, bedroom.
(Bella woke up in the early morning, she sat on her bed and then checking something on her smartphone. There was a message from Ridjwan.)
Ridjwan’s message     : Call me when you see this message!
(She sat up from her bed and stand up in front of the window. She opened it slowly while she make a dial to Ridjwan.)
Ridjwan (Paranormal): Why are you calling me in this very early morning, you stupid indigo?
Bella (Indigo Girl)       : What? You’re the one who want me to call you when I wake up! You fake-freak-fool-exorcist!
Ridjwan                       : Eh ... did I?
Bella                            : Yes you did! You send me a message last night, I’ll capture that if you’re disbelief.
Ridjwan                       : Oh, I remember. Sorry, sorry.
Bella                            : Hmph. So, what is that?
Ridjwan                       : What’s what?
Bella                            : There are my line you fool!
Ridjwan                       : Ohaha, okay, I just teasing you. Actually I want to know your answer about my question yesterday. (Flashback conversation of Bella and Ridjwan at 2nd Scene.)
Bella                            : Oh ... about that.
Ridjwan                       : Yes, and?
Bella                            : I ...
Ridjwan                       : ...
Bella                            : I accept. I’m going to 6 Senior High School.
(all with blue font is Bella’s mind) Hello. My name is Bella. I was an indigo since I born, 15 years ago. I’ve no parents so I live alone in this house. Why could I live until now? I always received money from my uncle. He lived so far from here, somewhere that I won’t go there.
Beside my skill that could see everything called mystics, I’ve got a bad behavior. All I do is on my own, I live alone, I do all alone. That’s make I’ve no friends, I mean ... human-friends.
Siti (Ghost)                  : It’s too early for you to wake up. It’s not like you.
Bella                            : From now on, I should get up at this time.
Siti                               : Are you going to school?
Bella                            : Yes, and today’s my first day. So don’t waste my time.
See? Not just saw them, I could talk to them as we’re friend. But actually, not at all.
Siti                               : Where?
Bella                            : I said don’t waste my time. (While she pick up her toothpaste.)
Renanda (Ghost)         : She’s just ask, you know. By the way, I wanna know too where is it, I wonder? Is there a favorite senior high school?
Bella                            : It’s 6 Senior High School, got it?
Renanda                      : Oh! That’s—
Bella                            : Don’t speak or I’ll kick you out.
Renanda                      : How mean!
(Then Bella closes the bathroom’s door)
Siti                               : Wait ... Iren, come here for a sec. (When Renanda come, Siti say something to her) 6 Senior High School, she said?
Renanada                    : That school is where popular peoples studied in, right?
Siti                               : Is she going to make a friendship with humans? That means ...
Renanda                      : Yes. That means she don’t need us anymore. She want us to go from her live.
Siti                               : But she’s also alone. Can she do all alone by herself?
Renanda                      : (Shake her head sadly.) I don’t know ... I don’t wanna say this but, Bella did hate us, since a long time.


@Ridjwan’s house, dining room.
Bella                : I can’t take this anymore. I don’t want to disturbed by ghosts anymore. I want a freedom.
Ridjwan           : Wait, calm down! Why are you so suddenly?
Bella                : I keep this feel for a long time, and now I can’t stand again. I hate them all!
Ridjwan           : But because of them you’re not feeling lonely, right?
Bella                : I can live without them, I’m okay with loneliness!
Ridjwan           : So, you want me to do an exorcisme to them?
Bella                : Not that.
Ridjwan           : If isn’t that, so what?
Bella                : Is there a way for me ... to get a freedom without you do any exorcisme to them?
Ridjwan           : Hm ... it’s too difficult. I can’t think ...
Bella                : Even one?
Ridjwan           : I don’t know. But maybe there’s something .... Ghosts, as known as soul of the dead people is just a piece of hope that has not been achieved when they are still alive. In short, they’re a human form of hope.
Bella                : The left hope, like that?
Ridjwan           : Yes, and do you know what happen if that hopes be realized?
Bella                : They’ll dissapears ...
Ridjwan           : Right.
Bella                : That’s mean ... my mission is to realize all of their hopes when they’re still humans? But, how?
Ridjwan           : Are you stupid? Of course all people are expecting happiness in their lives. If their soul still haunt, it means they have not reached the happiness when they are still alive, and your job is to ... divide happiness with them!
Bella                : ...
Ridjwan           : You have to start schooling again. This year is your first year in Senior High School, right? Before you’re sharing happiness, you must feel happy in your life yourself, and the first step to reach that is to find a friend.
Bella                : You’re a freak but ... I think I need to thank you just now.
Ridjwan           : Hmph, don’t mind. I just recommend you to go to 6 Senior High School.


@SMAN 6 Bandung.
Bella                            : Excuse me.
Yuniar (Picket Officer): Yes, can I help you?
(Before Bella can speak again, she saw a ghost (Sholeh) beside that teacher.)
Bella                            : I’m a newly student, Bella Shifa. I wonder where is my class?
Sifa                              : Bella Shifa? Of course, wait a minute. (Searching something in her table and then she pick up a note.) Bella, you’re in Social One. I’ll guide you if you want.
Bella                            : It’s alright by myself. Thanks.
Sholeh (Ghost) : That’s a realief so see you at this school, hehe.
Bella                            : What the hell are you doing?
Sholeh                         : Eh ... I was a student in this school when I still life. I just like to do my haunt job here.
Bella                            : Haunt job, you say? All that you do is just make peoples scare of you. I advice you to leave now.
Sholeh                         : Hm ... how mean you are. I’ve heard about you from other ghosts. Bella Shifa, an indigo girl who cold like an ice. So it’s that you ...
Bella                            : I said leave—NOW!
Sholeh                         : Okay, okay.


@SMAN 6 Bandung, field.
Before I came here, Ridjwan told me about his acquaintance named Fadhilah and Rana, at the same class as me, Social One. He said maybe they could help me. Who are they, by the way?
(Bella walked along the corridor while she was looking at the classes. Suddenly she already standing in the middle of two boys. Initially she show a shock expression, but when she saw Fadhilah ... )
Andri               : It’s been a long time, Fadhil.
Bella                : Fadhil? Are you Fadhilah from Social One?
Fadhila            h          : Yes but who are you?
Andri               : Hey don’t ignore me!
Bella                : I’m Bella, newly student. Have you heard about me from Ridjwan?
Fadhilah          : Mr. Ridjwan? Yes, he told me Bella will come. Oh ... so that is you. How do you do?
Bella                : Don’t be so formal with me. By the way, I need something to ask to you.
Fadhilah          : Actually I’ve heard a little about your problem from Mr. Ridjwan.
Bella                : Really?
Fadhilah          : Yes, ... but ... how about we move in to the class first?
Bella                : Sure.
Andri               : In front of a girl you just ignore me? I’m fine with that! Even you actually had a girlfriend, you old-fashioned guy!


@SMAN 6 Bandung, class.
Fadhilah          : Hey! She is Bella Shifa. From now on she will join to learn with us in this class.
Bella                : How do you do all.
All                    : How do you do!
Fajar                : She’s kinda pretty, right?
Adhi                 : You also have a girlfriend!
Fajar                : Do not care, hahaha. (Then stand up from his chair) Bella, did you have a boyfriend yet?
Bella                : No, I didn’t.
Devina             : Where do you live?
Bella                : Not far from here.
Rizkyana          : What’s your parents job?
Gizka               : Be polite a little, Anna!
Rizkyana          : But I want to know ... our class is popular with rich people you know.
All                    : Wuuu~
Bella                : To be honest, I have no parents. I haven’t see them since I was little.
All                    : ... (silence)
Karlina             : Wow, is that true?
Nidia                : She said ‘to be honest’, did you listen?
Ilona                : She’s like Putri, then?
Rizky                : I still have my mom, so don’t equate me with her.
All                    : (Began to fuss)
Fadhilah          : I’m sorry, this class is always like this.
Bella                : Is there any teacher who will come?
Fadhilah          : A bit late, maybe. Oh, right, what do you need to ask earlier?
Bella                : Ridjwan said that you and Rana, maybe, can help me. Oh, I just remember now, who’s Rana?
Fadhilah          : There she is. (Point his finger to Rana.)
Bella                : (Nod her head, then turn back to Fadhilah) Ridjwan said I can make some friends here.
Fadhilah          : If you can adapt fast, it’s easy.
Bella                : Can you help me?
Fadhilah          : I have no idea, but I’ll try.


@In the middle of the way to Rana’s part time job.
Fadhilah          : You’ve seen her, have you?
Rana                : Bella, isn’t?
Fadhilah          : (Sigh) She’s asked for my help. You know what?
Rana                : I don’t know.
Fadhilah          : She was an indigo. The way she can take a freedom from the ghosts who always disturb her is to share the happiness with them. So she wanna makes friendship with us at first and ... I think you who can help her.
Rana                : To make a quickly friendship?
Fadhilah          : Is there a way?
Rana                : I’m sorry but I’m busy right now. I’ll be going to my part time job.
Fadhilah          : Please think about it once again.
Rana                : I’m not sure. That’s her problem, not mine.
Fadhilah          : Why are you so cold like this?
Rana                : I’ve said I can’t, so please leave me.


@Rana’s part time job place.
Rana                           : (Monologue) To share the happiness? How? I couldn’t think anything. Fadhilah just lie to me. I could do nothing.
(When she was cleaning the table, her phone rang. There were a message from Fadhilah.)
Fadhilah’s message     : Have you think it again? Does your answer change?
(Rana read that message with a confuse face. And then she types something for answer.)
Rana’s reply                : If a ‘yes’ can make you calm, so ... yes, I’ll help her.
(After send a reply to Fadhilah, she make a status update.)
Rana’s status               : I wanna make you all feel happy, the same as me, so would you mind if I ask you a simple question? When you feel your happiest time?


(Andri was driving his motorcyle, then he stopped beside the trotoar. He put off his helm calmly before he tidy his hair and pick up his phone. He saw a status updated from Rana.)
Andri               : What’s with her? Of course when I listened to Social One’s song. Why is she so old-fashioned like this?


(Gizka also read Rana’s status, then she asks Rizkyana and Norma.)
Gizka               : I wonder when are my happiest time in my life?
Norma             : Are you ask me?
Gizka               : I ask myself.
Norma             : When I’m listening korean music.
Rizkyana          : Always korean, huh, if it’s me then the answer is when I’m with my friends!
Gizka               : Did I just say I ask myself?


(Rizky read Rana’s status and asks Fanni and Ilona.)
Rizky                : I feel happy when I doing everything I like, like singing and dancing.
Ilona                : Why are you talking and smiling alone, you seems kinda scary.
Rizky                : Read this Rana’s status. (Show up her smartphone layer to Ilona.)
Fanni               : Pssst! We’re at library!
Rizky and Ilona: Ups, sorry.


(The boys also talking about Rana’s question in her status updated before.)
Raihan             : I think I know what makes Vivaldi happy. It’s singing! Yes, Vival?
Vivaldi             : Oh, hoho. That’s right.
Raihan             : Do you wanna sing for us now?
Vivaldi             : Oh, yes, yes.
Ahmad             : What are you talking about, dumbass.
Raihan             : I’m talking about Rana’s status!
Taufik              : Oh, about a question like ‘when you feel your happiest time?’ I’ve read that.
Raihan             : Hm! That one!
Taufik              : When I’m laughing, of course I’m happy! Hahaha!
Ahmad             : For me, my happiest time is when I’ve bought everything I need.
Adhi                 : You rich bastard. How about together with everyone? Is that not make you happy?
Raihan             : I quite agree! Together yeah!
Vivaldi             : Together yeah!


(The other girls who also read that status.)
Devina             : I think my happiest time is when I’m eating, singing, dancing, shopping, and music listening.
Nidia                : You’re too much.
Vindi                : Wait, that means you’re not happy when you’re with us?!
Karlina             : So cruel!
Devina             : No! No! No! Of course I am! I mean, I’m happy just only get some time with you all.


@Rana’s part time job place.
(Rana pick up her phone to see the comments on her status updated.)
Rana                : (Monologue) Many answers when they’re listening music, they’re feel the happiness.
Fadhilah          : So that’s the answer.
Rana                : Where did you come from? You shocked me!
Fadhilah          : Sorry. I was waiting outside but you’re lame. So, how’s come?
Rana                : I need to talk with Bella first.
Fadhilah          : I must take you to her place, then. Let’s go.


@Bella’s house, dining room.
(Fadhilah, Rana, and Bella, sit down on the sofa.)
Rana                : You’re must known me, but I think I’ll intoduce to you formally. Hello, my name is Rana. Nice to meet you.
Bella                : Yes, I’ve known you from Ridjwan and Fadhil. I’m Bella. Nice to meet you too.
Rana                : Bella, the reason why I came here is ... to tell you this.
Bella                : What is this?
Fadhilah          : Rana is going to tell you that, to share the happiness, the good way is with make a music concert.
Bella                : Music concert? Don’t kidding me.
Rana                : This is for sure. I’m not kidding.
Bella                : You’re make fun of me, right? Music concert? How funny!
Rana                : You’re the one who asked us for help. But is this your response? Then, I just wrong when I think you’re a sweet person, Bella Shifa. I should leave, sorry for disturbing your precious time.
Fadhilah          : Huh? Wait! Hey!
(When Fadhilah and Rana were out from Bella’s house ... )
Renanda          : So that’s what you called ‘friendship’, huh?
Bella                : That’s just the begin.
Siti                   : You’re can’t, Bella. Give up already and we’ll by your side again, forever.
Bella                : No, thanks. Just watch quietly and not any longer I can throw you out from my live.
Renanda          : You really are hate us, why?
(Bella didn’t answer and walk away.)


@SMAN 6 Bandung, class.
(Bella walks toward Rana who was siting in her chair.)
Rana                : What do you want?
Bella                : I’m sorry for yesterday.
Rana                : Don’t need to say sorry to me when you’re not wrong.
Bella                : But I am. I really am sorry. I thought again your advice that night and I ... I agree with you.
Rana                : Okay then, you haven’t any bussiness with me again, it’s good for you to go.
She’s angry.
Bella                : How will we do that?
Rana: Do what?
Bella                : That concert you already told me. What music group we’ll invite? Would they mind to join? They must be very busy.
Rana                : You’re so confident-girl.
Norma             : Hm? Just someone say about music group? Need any help from me?
Bella                : It’s me who say that. But, who were you just now? Why would I ask for your help?
Norma             : You don’t know me? Are you live in a jungle? My father is the owner plus CEO of Mega Entertainment!
Bella                : Is that so?
Rizkyana          : She’s not lie to you. Her father was a fenomenal musician, don’t you know?
Bella                : Wow, that’s mean you can lend me some artist!
Norma             : Lend you? Don’t make me laugh. My artist is so busy!
Bella                : You don’t say.
Norma             : I’m kidding! Honestly I like music concert and I’ll let my artist join to!
Bella                : What a sweet-lovely-kind girl you are!
Norma             : Thanks, sweetie, but ... you must ask them for permission all by yourself.
Bella                : No problem!
Rizkyana          : It’s sounds fun! Would you mind if I join?
Vindi                : Eh, I want too! Rana, you must join too!
Norma             : Okay, okay, calm down, fans! I’m going to ring my dad!


(Ichsan answer the call from her daughter, Norma.)
Ichsan (MEnt’s CEO)   : Hello—
Norma                         : Daddy it’s me your beloved doughter! Are you busy? Did you have your lunch? Did you take your medichine? How’s your schedule? Am I disturb you?
Ichsan                          : You want something from me, do you? Just tell it quickly because I’m busy right now.
Norma                         : You always know want I want, daddy! This is about my friend, she’ll come there to make a permission for friendly concert! You’ll accept it, will you?
Ichsan                          : I said I was busy. Tell your friends to ask the artist immidiately!
(Pip. Pip. Pip.)


@SMAN 6 Bandung, class.
Norma             : He said to me whether you to asked the artist immidiately.
Bella                : Is that so ...
Rizkyana          : It’s okay, we’re going to help you.
Norma             : First off, you must ask Roy, he was a group music’s member of my agency!
Bella                : Is that him?
Rizkyana          : Leave that to me.
(Raynanda was talking with other boys when Rizkyana came to him.)
Rizkyana          : Roy, would you like to join to friendly concert that Bella’s make?
Raynanda        : Eh, with my group?
Rizkyana          : Ya, would you?
Raynanda        : It sounds great, but can our schedule make it?
Rizkyana          : Please!
Raynanda        : I’ll ask my manager later.
Rizkyana          : Thanks!
Fajar                : Don’t you invite us too?
Rizkyana          : You guys were going to come without inviting. You’re always like that.
Fajar                : Hahaha, I really love it!
Cahyo              : Where did you take place for that concert?
Rizkyana          : We don’t talk much before so we still don’t know.
Cahyo              : Do you mind if I help?
Rizkyana          : Is that for sure?
Cahyo              : I’m serius!
Rizkyana          : Okay, then. Go ahead!
(Rizkyana smiles to Bella.)
Norma             : After Roy, then Putri and Epin have to join!
Bella                : Are they in your agency too?
Vindi                : They isn’t but they’re also singers.
Bella                : So much popular people in here, huh.
Vindi                : I’ll ask them.
(Vindi goes to ask Rizky and Devina.)
Vindi                : Did you hear? Norma and Bella were going to make a friendly concert with everyone. How about both of you join too?
Rizky                : What is the good thing about that?
Ilona                : I’d love to! That seems fun!
Devina             : She asks me and Putri, not you, Ilon.
Ilona                : But it’s okay for me to come, right?
Vindi                : It’s for everyone.
Karlina             : If that’s the case, I’d love to come too.
Nidia                : Me too, me too.
Ilona                : How’s about you, Fanni?
Fanni               : It’s up to you.
Ilona                : We’re all coming!
Vindi                : Thanks to you all.
Rizky                : Wait, I’m not give an answer yet!
Devina             : Just come, just come. (Patting Rizky’s shoulder.)
(Vindi’s change success.)
Norma             : You must invite atheletes too, Bell. They’re absents today so you might come to their dormitory.
Bella                : Give that change to me.
Norma             : Is it okay for you to going alone?
Bella                : It’s okay, I don’t mind.
Vincent            : I’m going to guide her.
Norma             : Oh, kindly-hearted guy Vincent!
Vincent            : Of course I am.
Bella                : Who are you all of a sudden?
Vincent            : I’m also athlete but I’m not PPLP.


@Office/Music studio.
(Bella, Cahyo, and Rizkyana came to Cahyo’s uncle, Mr. Reza, who might help them about make a concert for detail.)
Cahyo                          : May I come in, Sir?
Reza (Producer)          : Sure, come in.
Rizkyana                      : Who’s that?
Cahyo                          : My uncle, a music producer, he can help us.
Reza                            : It’s a bit strange for you to come here with your friends, just sit already. Wanna drink something?
Bella                            : Thanks but no, I’m fine.
Rizkyana                      : So do I.
Cahyo                          : Honestly, we need a favor.
Reza                            : What can I do for you?
(After a while ... Bella tells him about her problem which need some help to Reza.)
Reza                            : I think it will be great. I’ve wanted to try this for a while. Mr. Helmi can make the song. You can do it right, Mr. Helmi?
Helmi (Song Writer)   : I’ll try as best as I can.
Bella                            : It’s a relief.


@Athletes’s dormitory.
Bella                : Excuse me.
Vincent            : Is anybody here?
Rika                 : Bella and Vincent? What are you doing here?
Bella                : I need something to talk with atheletes.
Vincent            : I just guide her.
Rika                 : Come with me to the upstairs.
(Bella and Rika came to the upstairs.)
Tri Agung        : Hey, newly student! Why did you come? Wanna watch our training?
Bella                : Sorry but not that. Can you please look at this? (Give the permission letter to them one by one.)
Tri Agung        : What is this?
Tania               : (Read the letter.) A friendship concert of “The Social One” to share the happiness?
Nadia               : So childish.
Bella                : This is a change to make a friend relationship between classmates closer.
Nadia               : The one you want to say is we’re don’t close with them, like that?
Bella                : You’re misunderstaning it!
Tania               : I want to come.
Nadia               : Tania! You’re sick! And besides, we have a lot of things to prepare for the next olymp.
Tri Agung        : Nadia is right.
Rika                 : I think we have to ask our koch first.
Andeya            : (Suddenly came in.) Let’s go, guys! Oh, is there Bella, a newly student in our class?
Rika                 : We have to go.
Tri Agung        : We are sorry.
Nadia               : See? We can’t.
Bella                : Please ...
Tania               : We are terribly sorry.
Andeya            : Let’s go.
Vincent            : You have tried your best.
Bella                : I know but, what should I do now?


(Norma, Rizkyana and Rana come to Mega’s Entertainment building to meet the group music that Raynanda’ in. Norma knocks the door.)
Cheppy            : You surprised me! Norma, what happened?
Norma             : I want your group do something for me and my friends.
Cheppy            : Do what?
(Bella tells Cheppy and friends about her problem and why she need their help.)
Raynanda        : Anna told me yesterday and I think that’s fun. I’d like to join.
Cheppy            : It’s a great thing. Can our schedule make it?
Peri                  : We have a lot of overseas schedule at the end of the month.
Giant               : You need to talk to our manager, Sifa.
Norma             : I’ll call her to come here.
Bella                : Is that okay?
Rizkyana          : Don’t need to worry, Norma can do everything she want here.
(When Sifa came ... )
Sifa (Manager)            : You actually knew that they’re so busy. They can’t go.
Norma             : But still—
Sifa                  : It’s a NO.
Giant               : Just give up already.
Sifa                  : If there’s no bussiness again, you have to go.
Bella                : Let’s go, Norma.
Rizkyana          : Sorry for bother you everyone.


@SMAN 6 Bandung, class.
Fadhilah          : Is there anyone who want to join?
Bella                : There are, except Raynanda’s band and athletes.
Rana                : Look at that, I told you it’s tiring.
Norma             : Everyone want to help but their schedule doesn’t help them.
Cahyo              : My uncle gave the permission to use the music studio, when this going to be like this what did he gonna say?
Rizkyana          : I won’t face your uncle again then.
Vindi                : Eh? Are this concert will be cancelled? How boring!


@The Band’s place.
(Raynanda and friends showing their confused face. They’re want to join but Sifa doesn’t give the permission.)


@Athlete’s domitory.
(Same as that musicians, atheletes seems confused too in their place.)


@Music studio, the day that the concert must be held.
(Everyone come (all casts, ALL) except the band and the atheletes.)
Reza (Producer)          : It doesn’t go well ... I knew to invite all of them is easy, but for them to accept is hard.
Bella (Indigo Girl)       : But we can do it just by people who come here now.
Karlina                         : Don’t show that expression, you want to share happiness, do you?
Nidia                            : It’s fine if they’re not come, right?
Bella                            : Thanks ...
Ilona                            : Everyone, listen, Putri and Epin wanna sing a song for us!
Norma                         : Is that so? Wow!
Vindi                            : I’m going to get my voice recorder!
Rizky (Singer)              : No, I’m not! Who the hell just said that?!
Devina (Singer)           : How annoying.
(And at that time, the door opened slowly because someone push in.)
Cheppy                        : Hello?
Giant                           : Are we late?
Raynanda                    : Hello everyone.
Norma                         : You’re come!
Sifa (Manager)              : Yes, we are.
Norma                         : Thank you so much!
(After that, athletes comes.)
Tania                           : Is this the place?
Nadia                           : Sorry for coming lately.
Bella                            : It’s okay! It’s okay! Thank you for coming!
(That room began to fuss.)
Helmi (Song Writer)   : Would you mind if we start this? I had finished my new song for you all!
Reza                            : Okay, we’ll start, yes?
Everyone: YES!!!
Siti (Ghost)                  : You did well.
Renanda (Ghost)         : I hope you happy with your new friend.
Sholeh (Ghost)            : Our time is over.
Siti                               : Thank you for everything.
Renanda                      : Goodbye. (The three of them dissapears.)
(Someone touch Bella’s shoulder, there are a couple of ghosts.)
Bella                            : Who are you?
Syahida (Bella’s dad) : I’m so proud of you.
Elfata (Bella’s mom)   : I’m happy to have you as my girl, Bella.
Bella                            : Are you two ... ?
Elfata                           : We are happy now, we have no regrets to leave you in this world alone. No, not alone, you have all kindly friends by your side.
Syahida                        : Live to reach more happiness from the people around you.
Syahida, Elfata              : See you later. (And then they’re dissapears.)
Bella                            : Thank you, mom and dad. I’ll be live happily as much as I can.
If at that time, when they rejected my invitation I gave up ...
If at that time, Norma and the others did not help me ...
If at that time, when Rana told me an advice I thought that was a joke ...
If at that time, I  was not going to 6 Senior High School ...
If at that time, I did say nothing to Ridjwan ...
I will not be able to stand here now.
This is a long, long story ....


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