Tuesday, February 3, 2015

[Review] The Secret of Success

Title: The Secret of Success: Tujuh Mata Pedang Keberhasilan
Author: Fery Muhammad
Editor: Ananda Crew
Publisher: Sabila Press, Yogyakarta
Edition: January 2011
Thickness: xii + 176 pages

Humans were created different from the other creatures, because humans has an intellect that uses to think. Not all of humans thought in the same line, and that's what makes us, as humans, has differences that make us unique. Our uniqueness brought the diversity that directly proportional to our lives. Every human has a different way of life. There was a good side, there was also a bad side. Had a strong side, had also weak side. Where’s this book will be discussed about humans’s diversity, difference dreams and goals, makes peoples realize that there is no the weak side if they know what positive things behind the weakness. In view of this book that is not too thick, with simple language, this book will be quickly resolved than reading similar books that already exists.

This book describes about how we could achieve that dream. Dreams can be achieved through by various ways. The way that's what the author of this book refers to the destination. Fery Muhammad, S.E. was a graduate degree in Economics UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta. Besides being a prolific writer who has published seven books, he also was an entrepreneur.

Life stories of successful people from the domestic until foreign country he inserts in this book. There were also tips, words of wisdom, and the opinions based on the experiences of successful people. He also gives us insight, experience, and a little bit about the challenges of life that we could learn. The material was presented as simple as possible so it is quite easy to be understood by the readers.

The book was divided into seven chapters, each chapter presented simply, inserted the words of the wise, and some stories of famous peoples. In the first chapter he discussed about the difference between dreams and imaginations. The next chapter he wrote suggestions to enhance the spirit of learning that we’ll be alert to see the opportunities. Not to mention about the persistence, perseverance, and hard work were not spared from this book. Shaping innovative and creative, ability to work in teams, and optimism, all exposed clearly but arranged in such a light.

Many quote of poetry translations that can motivate us to achieve the success in our life. The way how he delivering his opinion wasn’t patronizing, so relaxed, straightforward, and comfortable, even familiar with the readers. So, when you read this, it’s seems like you read the book of the people you know close or your friends who’re already familiar. For the material of the book itself, because it’s very easy to digest, suitable read for pleasure reading self-development books and want to improve in the revolutionary spirit of self.

The Secret of Success: Tujuh Mata Pedang Keberhasilan deserved successly to be consumed by anyone. Especially for successful-candidates people who love correcting themselves and want to be better. By reading this book, we could be realize how success will be come without the need to be someone else. Without having to has smart brain of Albert Einstein, Bill Gates’s fortune, or Aa Gym’s patience. That’s enough with just our ability.

Not only addressed to certain circles, but this book was also addressed to the general public who want to develop their skills of themselves so that they could achieve what they want.

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