Saturday, January 24, 2015

[FF] When She Caught a Cold

"Hey, you're come?" she asked, kinda disbelief, after she opened the door and found he was standing there. Carrying a bunch of food in his hand. "The doctor told me that Sooyoung so tired because of his busy schedule, he had a high fever."

He replied with a nod, then he asked impatiently, "Where is she, Nuna?"

"On the second floor. She hadn't left the room since been checked by Kwon-uisanim. Maybe fall asleep. " Soojin's explanation was enough for Sehun, so the young blonde stepped quickly to Sooyoung's room. Wanna meet someone who makes he in bad worried since he returning home from his training. Really, Sehun worried about her condition, his lover, Sooyoung.

Title: Headache
Author: Fani
Genre: Fluff
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sehun/Sooyoung
Fandom: EXO, SNSD


Blue-painted room's door open wide because a strong boost of Sehun. There was Sooyoung, sitting calmly on the side of the bed, and he walked slowly toward her, before putting the food that he braught for Sooyoung under his feet.

"Why didn't you tell me if you're sick?" Sehun asked, his face looked worry.

Realizing someone's come, the woman who huddled under her thick blanket sat and stared at the young blonde. "What are you doing here?"

"Don't answer my question with other question, Nuna." Sehun looked back at her pale face. Then he checked her body temperature by putting his hands on her beautiful forehead. "Nuna, your body temperature is very hot." He said, getting worry more than before.

"I'm fine, it's just a normal fever. I'm already feeling better you know. Now it's better for you to return to the dorm. You must take a rest too, am I right?" then she sat forcely. He fastly put a pillow behind his back so that makes her more comfortable. She smiled warmly, "Thank you."

"How can I go home if you're condition like this?"

"Am I make you bother?" she pretend a sad face..

"That's not what I mean ..." his words interrupted when he saw a bottled liquid medicine over the bedside of table was full. His eyes rounded. He looked at her asked for an explanation. "So you haven't take your medicine huh?"

"What?" Sooyoung blinked. "I've been taking that anyway." She replied, lying.

"No, you haven't! The bottle is still full!" Sehun grabbed that small bottle and opened it, then he took the spoon and pour a bit of the red liquid on it. "Here, drink first!" He command.

Sooyoung closed her mouth, shook hard her head. "That was bitter."

"Drink or you won't be cured!"

Didn't she realize there was a young blonde boy who so worried about her? Oh look even now he told her to open his mouth forcely.

"Are you just wish me to not get cured?"

"That was no ... Aish! Why you can't just drink this without any comments anyway?!"

"No, Sehunie. Because I've once drank it and felt that I was going to throw up. So, no more." She covered her mouth with her hands. But he slowly pull her tiny hands and cast a medicine.

"Say ah ..."

"Sehunie!" she claimed, feeling disgust. Of course. His behavior who want to feed her some liquid meditions as such as feed a five year old girl.

"Stubborn," Sehun hissed. He lowered again, and looked at her medicine spoon wrathly. "Then I won't go home. I want to sleep here until you want to take this medicine." Well, obviously it's a threat to Sooyoung.

"What? I dont allows! Please go away!" she was pushing away his shoulder but that was useless.

Sehun's get upset. She has too much stubborn-yeah even though he thinks he was also often stubborn but not to this extent. He just want she to get her health back. But he have no choice except an extreme way to make she want do that, a pervy one which given by Kai.

She looked confused when he suddenly drank that midicine on his own. He leaned his face down to her, no doubt make her heart beating faster. What he gonna do?! Nervous, it's difficult to take a breath with this close but what?

She reflexed just close her eyes when the cold hands of his wrapping her waist tightly, holding her close. He climbed into the bed slowly as soon as he lend his red apples on her cherry plum. She surprised but she didn't show it as much as possible. He was pushing her neck to deepening the kiss and somehow make her cheeks turn bright red. And then he gave a gap between their connected lips. It seemed a strange liquid turn down her lips accidentally, entered into his throat and swallow it inevitably.


He broke their kiss at the end with a little lick on her lips. Both of them looked messy. He giggled, her expression sees very cute to him. There was a shock, embarrassment, anger, and all mixed together behind her burn face.

"Wh-What are you doing you damn pervert!" she hit his head with a spoon hardly. He did moan but the next second he was smiling like sucks.

"Besides ... the important thing is you already taking medication. How does it feel? Not bitter anymore?" his ulzzang face smiled obviously, or maybe a mischievous smile.

"I hate you!" she cried before lying down and cover her back with a blanket. Then she shouted again, "Go home! Your bussiness had done right?!"

"Ehehe ..." he was still grinning. He moved off from his seat and told her to eat the foods he had bought earlier. Then he opened the blanket that covering her body, showing the face of her lover who get mad. He kissed her forehead gently. "I'll going home, get better soon, Youngie ..."


sorry for bad english! once again!

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