Sunday, January 25, 2015

[Lyric] 12시 30분

English Translation:

The glass bottle that breaks into pieces with a loud noise, is that how we are like
The low sky feels like it’s going to break down soon
You who had asked why I came now, you who had said you waited for me, you who had welcomed my love
Now you are colder than a person you meet for the first time

Saturday, January 24, 2015

[FF] When She Caught a Cold

"Hey, you're come?" she asked, kinda disbelief, after she opened the door and found he was standing there. Carrying a bunch of food in his hand. "The doctor told me that Sooyoung so tired because of his busy schedule, he had a high fever."

He replied with a nod, then he asked impatiently, "Where is she, Nuna?"

"On the second floor. She hadn't left the room since been checked by Kwon-uisanim. Maybe fall asleep. " Soojin's explanation was enough for Sehun, so the young blonde stepped quickly to Sooyoung's room. Wanna meet someone who makes he in bad worried since he returning home from his training. Really, Sehun worried about her condition, his lover, Sooyoung.